Living the life of a teenager in Finland

A Day from my life

Oh daamn! I woke up and saw that I had just twenty minutes to get to the bus stop. I was in trouble. I ran around my house trying to do everything that I had to do, but I didn’t have time to take a shower, so I used dryshampoo. Then I was ready to go, but (of course), I almost forgot to take my bag.  In the school nothing interesting happened, but after it I met my three good friends and then I felt happier. I think that I can’t live without those three friends.. it’s weird because I am know them just about three years. We know everything about each other and we can tell everything each other, and jeah… I just love them so much 🙂

My lovely friends 🙂

     First we just hang out, talked about everything “very important and interesting” and took photos of each other, but when  about two hours had passed, we went to one of my friend house. By the way that house is lovely and it is like my second home.  So… I was there for about four hours and then I had to leave. First, I had to go by bus, but my bus did not even come,  so I had to walk. There was cold and dark D: Then I was home and did some homework and went sleep 🙂

Fun and expensive

I woke up today thinking: sheesh, would this be one of those saturdays when you actually have nothing at all to do? I had no plans or anything for this day. Not yet knowing, that this day would be far from such boredom, i stood up from my comfortable bed, performed my usual daily morning routines and ate some breakfast.

After that i thought of going to computer and kill some time by gaming. It is common for me to spend a lot of my free time  on the computer. However, i decided to do some of my homework first this time. While still doing my homework i thought: homework… always the darn homework, and once again my thoughts began to wander around. I opened up my browser and started searching for a nice lightweight motorcycle. Yeah that’s something i worked for most of recently passed summer. Anyways i found this awesome motorcycle! it was like perfect win! Driven only 10000 miles and model year of 05… so sweet. So i called for my dad and he was like ”we are going to buy that today”. To me it came like exhilarating blackout. I would finally have my own motorcycle! So within a hour we drove to the car sales and shortly after like 15 minute talk with the salesman i were already signing my name on papers all exited. Only at the cash desk of the car sales i felt how little bit of that eager flame within me was extinguished when i gave my money to the salesman. In the end it didn’t matter a bit because this was something i had planned all the way from June.

Nothing really to mention of our way back home but at home i instantly started to more properly examine this motorcycle. By the way name of this motorcycle is Honda Varadero. In my opinion it sounds pretty good. Anyhow I jumped on it and turned it on. Sensation of touch were amazing and still is, to feel that power I controlled. You probably get it if you have even once driven a motorcycle. I’m telling you, It’s so much fun. I know it will always be for me.

But now i have to do those homework i left at the morning. End of the diary chapter.

My friday!


I wake up 6.30 a.m because my littlesyster was yell. I go shower and get ready. I almoust late my buss but luckily I run sufficiently fast. At the school I was really tired, but fortunately I had only one glass and it was friday so that make me happyer. After school I went in the libery to study since I have next week lots of tests. I read alone because emilia was too tired neither manage come at the school SUPRISE SUPRICE! In the libery I go in Sello chill with my frends who I hadn`t see a very long time. From Sello we went hanging aroung at car. Then I went home the clock was about 12 p.m.

LOVE, kira


My regular day

Aargh! I totally forgot to put the alarm on my phone on and now I had slept in. It was 9.15 a.m. and school had already begun at 8.20 a.m. I was in a hurry and ate my porridge quickly (btw, I usually put some cottage cheese in my porridge so I´d get proteins). I really had to hurry or I´d miss the bus and I barely made it. When I entered English class I was 20 minutes late from that lesson. But otherwise, the school day as a whole went pretty well. After school I went home, ate sandwitches and did my homework. Then I called my personal trainer and asked if he could go to gym with me. He agreed and we went to train. He created a new practise program for me at the gym. After gym I went home, took a shower and then started watching TV. I watched TV for about two hours and then I ate, brushed my teeth and then went to sleep. The end.

A good night and lovely food

This is the car that we drove to Nummela

It was Saturday. First me, Jami, Kersti and Mika went to eat at Jami’s and Mika’s cousin in Nummela. Their cousin Jani made really good food and I ate a lot of it and the dessert was amazing! The main food was a steak and garlic potatoes and the dessert was a warm pear and vanilla ice cream and top of it there was a chocolate sauce. It went really late there and that’s a shame because I was a supposed to go out with my friends but they already had something else to do. So I just went home with Jami and to my surprise my brother was there with a few of his friends. So we just hung out there for a while and then I was hungry and I wanted to go to McDonald’s and. We left with Roope because he was hungry too…

When we got to the McDonald’s there were  a lots of mopeds. There was some kind of moped meeting. We ate in the car and then we just  dropped Roope to his home and we went to mine place and went to straight into bed and next morning I was very tired because it went late like I said.

My day – Thursday

I woke up in the morning and as usual I was so tired because last night I came home very late.But still  I had to dress up and go to the railway Station at Leppävaara.I saw my friends at the station and we junped on the train.First I had a swedish lesson.We watched a moomie film almost the whole lesson.Then we had mother tongue and psychology and the last lesson we got off.After school I went Sello Shopping center to see my friends , one of wich was ellu.Ellu are blond tall girl.And she is one off my bestfriends.We just talked about evrything that came to mind and wondered about what´s going to happen in our lives.Then I noticed that it was already six o`clock so I went home to practise some Swedish words.At the seven o`clock, my Mom took me to the indoor icerink.There was a water flood so we ran in to the locker room because everybody was already wet bacause outside

My good day

Hello! I woke up at seven o’clock. Then I went to the kitchen and cook some food for me, I made some sandwiches and they were really good.  After that I went to put the make-up on my face and when I was ready, I walked to the bus stop. At outside there was raining and surprise, surprise the bus was late. I waited the bus there about 15 minutes, and finally when the bus came it was so full of people that I needed to stand there all alone, cause there was no places where I could’ve sat. When I arrived to the Espoos centrum my train was late too, and I had to wait that about 10 minutes. I arrived to my school about 8.30 o’clock. My schoolday was quite nice. After school I went to home because I was so tired. Rest of the day I was just chilling. I was watching my little sister who is 4-years old and she is really cute!  This day was quite similary than my other days usually…

Dsc02505_large   Love, Emilia

Winter accidents

Haha… You’ll never guess what happened to me ! it was really cold and the place was very slippery. We went inside to Kamppi and i walked down the stairs, then suddenly i slipped badly and i feel and rolled down in front of everyone. It was really embarrassing and scary! I got a big bruise on my leg and one on my foot. Many embarrassing things have happened to me in my life, but this was the most embarrassing incident ever. Soon it will be winter again and we will see what will happen this time. I hope nothing bad or embarrassing. I have to be more careful with my step this time. It was very scary when security guard came and people watched at me. They thought that something really bad happened to me, because i fell so badly. I could had broke my hand, leg or even my head. Anyway, I’m looking forward to winter and snow, especially christmas and holidays.

Women love shoes!

I woke up at 7 AM. I was so tired that I couldn’t get up from the bed. The school day was terrible because I was so tired all the time and waiting for to go home to sleep. After the school day I didn’t actually go home, because a friend of mine asked me to go with her to Helsinki to buy some shoes. In Kamppi we looked for shoes in every shop but still we couldn’t find any good ones. Anyway, we didn’t stop searching as we visited all the shops again and we tried on shoes that looked even a little bit tolerable. When we were too tired in it, we went to McDonald’s. Luckily the cashier was new so he didn’t know how to use the cash register so I got my meal in half price. I didn’t mind that at all 🙂:). Looking for the right shoes was that tired that after I got home at 8 PM I went straight to bed.

Cleaning my room

I woke up today feeling extremely tired. Last night I wasn’t able to fall asleep because I couldn’t draw the blinds.
Then when my alarm clock went off today I felt like I hadn’t slept at all. I was exhausted and getting out of bed was no piece of cake. But I got out of bed anyway and tried to find my jeans from my room. It’s not easy because my room is always a big mess and it’s hard to find anything especially if you are in a hurry like I was.
So when I got  home I decided to clean my room a little bit so I wouldn’t always have such a hard time looking for my things.


My bag is always a big mess too!

I had already cleaned most of my room when I found my old diary.  I opened it and read something. I remembered how sad I used to be when I was little. I didn’t have almost any friends and I always felt so depressed.

But now I have a lot of friends and I’m much happier. I put the diary into a box and decided that I would read it again after a year. I wonder what I think about it then.

Rainy monday

I miss summer

I miss summer

Today was just a normal rainy day. I woke up at 7.15, which was way too late, because I had to be at the bus stop at 7.30. So I hurried to the bus stop, but sadly I missed the bus. I thought if I called my mom, maybe she could drive me to the train station. And luckily she did. Then I went on the train and to school. I had a normal day at school and I left home at 2.30 pm. At home, I quickly ate a snack and I left to coach little gymnasts. I had so much fun, like I always do! I was there for an hour and then I left home. In the evening I ate, I did my homework and I went to sleep. Nothing interesting really, just a normal day in my life.

A wonderful day out of the 360 days

Wow what a wonderful day! Today was a Friday and I had my birthday and I didn’t want a party because I don’t like people buying me gifts. Of course I love buying gifts when my friends or siblings have a birthday and I do, but it is different when you buy a gift for someone or somebody buys one for you.

Anyway my friends and my siblings had bought me a gift and it was so amazing. It was boat trip tickets for four  people which means that I could take four of my best friends to Sweden for two nights and one day was so happy and it was so difficult to choose four of my friends because I have a lot of friends so I decided to take my mom, one of my sisters, my brother and my boyfriend with me.

As we know, the boat leaves Helsinki at 5pm and we were almost late, but we made it. The trip was wonderful We went swimming and shoppingt then I bought a jacket, shoes and small gifts for friends I will never forget it

Weekend at home

Weekend plans? Yeah sure I had them but I was sick. I was very happy because my last weekend was exactly the same. I planned to go out with my friends and have fun and do something that isn’t related to school. I wanted to relax with my friends and girlfriend but no…  Well yeah I relaxed but not with my girlfriend or friends, I spent my time playing xbox, measuring fever and hoping that I was getting healthy. So there I was laying in my bed instead of having fun. I don’t get it, how can I be sick for two weekends in a row. How can I be sick in sunny weekends and healthy during the rainy week? I hope that everyone else had a nice weekend…

My Strange Day

I don’t understand, what happened today, do you? When I came home and I was doing my homework, all the lights were turned off. “Oh my God, what happened,” I thought. I walked over to see, why the lights were turned, but of course, my bad luck, I fell down the and my ankle twisted (but I didn’t know that yet).

I limped all evening, and I was so angry because my leg was is such and it was dark for two hours. My Mom and I were going to the doctor is, when a caribou ran across the street. Mom looked at me and said “Why is nothing normal today?” I said: “I’m very sorry, but I don’t know.” We drove to the parking lot at the hospital and got out of the car, and we were walking inside, when we heard somebody shout us.

We turned and saw a policeman. In fact, he is my cousin. He was coming to us when somebody was screaming to him. “ I don’t know, who was it”, my cousin say. “Whoever you talk,” I ask to him. “That ‘s person who screamed to me,” he said. “Oh, I see,” my Mom said. We went together eat ice creams, and went to the movie. We did do that, because it was Friday-evening.

picture of me

Refereeing football

My name is Khaliifa and I am football referee also player, but I want to tell you one story about what happened to me. Usually umpire work is not always at the same place. That is why you always have to go to different places. One day I received a message from work, In the message ´it said I had a game on day at 6.15 and the place.

On at day I was school and my school finished at 4.00. I went by bus home it takes about 45 minutes. I change clothes and ate something. At 5.00 I went to field. I was at the field at 5:40. I looked I looked at the time I thought I have 20 minute. I walked slowly bus stop to the ground. I see the girls in on the ground who had practice and I look at time 10 minute left on the game. I looked back at the message, I understood I am wrong. I became nervous, at same time I understood the place is near but I didn´t know where the field was situated.

I asked the first human who came my front of where is the ground. Fortunately the first person told me the right way. I ran to there. I got tor the field and I was 10 minutes late. I went to both coach teams to apologies and I told my story.

Referee holding red card

A German in Finland

I have been living in Finland for almost one month now, I’m an exchange student from Germany and live in a host family in Espoo.
A usual school day of mine looks somehow like this: First I wake up in the morning by the guitar tunes of my phone that serves as an alarm clock, a beautiful sound but a horrible meaning for me! I never like getting out of bed because it’s so warm and comfortable in there, and you don’t know which kind of bad surprises Finland will offer you this day… But somehow I force myself to get up and get ready for the day. I go to school by bike since I live very near, and for some reason I am always a little too late because I always think I have enough time in the morning, and I can just hurry by bike but then I have to stop for a while at one place because there are some builders in the way. One day they even put some tree trunks in the middle of the street and I had to carry my bike over them!

That day, a Friday, was the first one back at school after I had been sick for a while so I was very tired when I came to school and just had to walk from there again because the first lesson was PE and we had to go to Palolampi where we had something called suunnistus which was some kind of treasure hunting in the forest. It was really funny, I’ve never done something like this in PE lessons in Germany.
I also had music that day which is usually rather boring because the teacher talks in Finnish all the time and I can’t understand anything. After the lesson the exchange student from Belgium, Kaat, and me had a talk with the teacher who might organize a choir, which would be great because I’d love to sing in a choir here.

After that, Kaat and me went to Espoon Keskus because she had to send a package to her father whose birthday was the next day. We also went to the library and borrowed many things there, music CDs and English and German books. I love reading and I always need to have some books in my room that I can read at any time! We also ate some delicious but expensive ice cream and went a little bit of shopping before going home.

But later we met again when my host family took Kaat and me to the swimming hall in Espoonlahti, since they had a fitness course there and Kaat and me could just go swimming. It was really fun and nice, and we talked much more than we swam but we enjoyed it anyway.

Every evening in my Finnish life, I am very tired and exhausted from all the differences to my usual life in Germany that I’ve encountered, and thus I try to go to bed very early. But usually my days are always pretty full, either with school or activities with friends or my host family so I really enjoy my time here.

This is a photo of all the books I've borrowed from several Finnish libraries so far.

September 2nd, 2011
by Sophie

my very interesting day

It’s Tuesday. I woke up at nine o’clock. I was really tired because I haven’t slept well. I ate rye bread and drank coffee for breakfast. Then I took a shower and went to school by my bike. We had only two lessons at school which was awesome. We could go home at 1pm. We should have had student counselling but it was cancelled. After school I went to the market with my friend . We bought candy and soda. After that we went to him. We had really fun. We talked, ate candy and drank soda, listened music, plaid guitar and played video games. When I got home I ate sausage soup and did my homework. The soup was good but the homework was as boring as always. At about 6pm. I went out to play floorball with my friends. It’s always fun. There were four of us but one was goalkeeper. So there were three players in every game and we all played against each others. I won every game of course. It was a piece of cake. It’s always fun. After that I had to take my dogs out. It’s so boring because my older dog never want’s to walk. Before I went to sleep I read “Populäärimusiikkia vittulanjänkältä”. I don’t like to read very much because I think it’s boring. Then I went to sleep.

First day in high school

It was the first day of high school. I felt tired, excited and nervous at the same time. I got up off the bed and heard some voices outside of my room. It was my little brother who is seven years old and today was his first day in school. But unlike me he wasn’t nervous at all. The all school thing was so new to him so he was just excited.

So the school was already familiar to me because I went to primary school there. I walked there with my friend and there were lots of people standing in the school yard.I think some of them didn’t want to be there or didn’t want summer to end but I saw lots of people with smile on their faces too.

All the high school students went into the hall. There were teachers and the principal who gave a speech and introduced the teachers. There were a couple of teachers who I knew already.After the speech we all went in to our own class rooms.The day ended at 12.00 am.

Overall I think it was a very nice day and there really wasn’t any reason to be nervous. And it was great that there were so many familiar faces already.I know that many things are different in high school. The first day in high school wasn’t bad, so I think that’s a good start.

Lahden Championship Games 20.8-21.8

I arrived in Lahti City on Friday at 3pm. It was the last day before the first tournament day so I had to go and play one practice round before it. I took one of my friends with mw because I needed a caddy, Tiger Woods has a caddy so why wouldn’t I? The round went poorly, so i was quite sad when i finally found myself in our “golf hotel”. In the evening I thought many times in my head, that if I screw Up tomorrow, will I be embarressed or proud of myself or what. Nobody couldn’t tell me the answer. But I didn’t care, I was sure about my swing and my powerful drive. The pressure was on because I had told everybody that I would win the whole shit, well, I was sure that I wouldn’t

Day 2

Telephone began to ring and I woke up. I ate breakfast and dress up. The clock was about 8.30 am when we had to start going to the golfclub. In Takkula all golfers are like biiiiig family, everyone says hi to each other, even if you’ve never seen the person before! Awesome! Well I took my golf bag out of the closet and took my putter and started a hard workout. After that I went to the driving range and I showed my beautiful swing to everybody. Everyone was like: AAAAAH! and I was like “shiiit”.. After many swearwords and ball digging I  went to Tee 1. I wasn’t nervous at all, because my frist drive was long and high! “It’s goin to be a good day”. After nine holes, I was ready to throw my clubs into the lake… It had been the worst first nine in years. I sat down and ate a HUGE sweet roll. After good food we had to keep going> Tee number 10

When I got back to the club I was so angry at myself, and SOO AANGRRRRY at my swing!! 96 shots an I was eighth after the first day. Think ninety-six! Can’t be serious..

My birthday morning

MacBook pro


I was expecting a lot for my birthday. When I went to sleep in the evening, I waiting for morning and my birthday.

In the morning I woke up at 07:00am and I was very tired but still happy, because it was my birthday morning. When I had been showering, my mother and father came upstairs, they sang to me “paljon onnea vaan, paljon onnea vaan, paljon onnea vaan…” I was very happy. Then they gave me a birthday card and birthday gift. The birthday gift were a new computer, the MacBook pro.

When I went to downstairs, I noticed that my mother had made me breakfast, I think breakfast was really good. When I was eating, I packed my school backpack and my grandmother carried me to school.

My mind-numbing escapade

Just the other day, I was walking down the street when I saw something interesting. It was 20 euros. So the morning started pretty nicely for me and I continued walking to the bus stop. I went to school and had a normal boring day at school that sucked the will to live out of me. Basically nothing more, but a few classes that killed a part of me inside. On the lunch break I didn’t eat anything because the food looked as if it had already been eaten once before. Oh, and it also smelled like shit. So as soon as the school day was over I was still starving, and I suddenly recalled the 20 euros I had found in the break of dawn . I met up with a quantity of friends and we went to have pizza at a restaurant. While we were enjoying the astonishing feast we saw a gentleman march directly into a glass door. We expressed our amusement by laughing like a horde of hyenas. We still had some money left so we went shopping and bought some energy drinks, as if the meal we just took pleasure in did not contain enough energy. Subsequent to that we came to a decision to disconnect from each other, and head home. So that is essentially my average life. ❤

My journey to school

My school starts at  8.20 am and I wake up at 6:30. Actually I need to wake up at 6:00 am and I  put the timer on snooze every time. And every time I am late.  And this morning was the same as many previously school day in last month. Same time my alarm goes off and the same tiredness comes. Today I feel like a zombie, everything happens slowly and I don´t understand anything, anything at  all.

My travel to school is quite difficult  and I usually get ride to Keras train station what I will continue by train. But anything is not that easy train can be late or highway can have rush hour. Me and my mother are trying to leave from home usually at 7:00 am but rarely succeed. Because my mother have so many things to do every morning and I am slow when I am tired and I´m always tired…..

Clock is five minutes past seven and we are leaving. I´m afraid we do not have time to 7:23 train and next train will come 7:41 and I hate waiting. From home to the station will take 15-20 minutes or maybe more if there are rush.  It´7:20 and we are almoust there no longer than three sets of traffic lights. And just my luck, we are stuck with first light and secound light but third light is green! Yes, I could make the train! Car stops next to the sidewalk and I´m jumpping out.

I ´m running and I can see the train. No.. I want to make that train and I try to run fasterbut the train leaves. I go sit on the bench and take my phone out of my pocket. It´s typical mobile phone with sudoku which I play whenever I am bored. Finally train comes and I am on my way to school.

Unlucky day

Today I woke up 5.40 am. School starts at 9.45 am. I had to wake up early because there was no other ride available except my brother. My brother went to his own school and threw me at my grandmother’s because the train would leave a few hours later. Even though the train was delayed for about 10 minutes, fortunately , I was not late from school.

At school I was pretty tired because of the night before I didn’t sleep very much. When the last lesson ended I ran to the train station because the train would leave in about 5 minutes. I just made it. The train doors were just about to close when I came. However, I got my hand between the doors. I had to wait in Kirkkonummi for a while before I went home. I met some friends there. My brother came to pick me up, and as soon as I got home, I went to the stables for my riding lesson. I went by scooter.

We jumped barriers. The last obstacle required a tight turn and I came at high speed towards the barrier. At the last minute I felt the horse hesitating. The horse stopped directly in front of the obstacle, and I flew down its neck through the barrier. It did not hurt much. I climbed right back on the horse and jumped the same obstacle again. After that it was a piece of cake. An hour afterwards I groomed the horse and went home in the pouring rain. When I got home, I was pretty wet. A big stack of homework was waiting for me at home.

Nice weather for ducks

I hadn’t seen one of my best friends for a pretty long time. So, we had planned that I’d go over to her house on Sunday so we could hang out. I slept over at my other friends house on Saturday night and at one o’clock on Sunday I was still at her house. I was about to leave to see my best friend but it took a lot longer to leave than I thought.

When I finally left I had to run for two reasons: it was raining cats and dogs and I was going to miss the bus. Well, I did miss the bus. I called my mom and asked if she could take me. She said that she’d be there in about five minutes, but she wasn’t. After fifteen minutes she called me and said that something had come up and she couldn’t take me. I was soaking wet, but I decided to walk to my best friend’s house.

It took me half an hour to get there. When I finally got there, no one opened the door. Then I realized that I was a week too early. We hadn’t talked about this week, but the next week. I was pretty pissed off and had to walk home. I definitely won’t walk there the next weekend, especially if it rains.

It is raining.

wet weather.

Snowy day !

Today was so amazing! I met my dream boy! We have seen each other a couple of times, but today it was just the two of us. I was so terribly nervous. My heart beat faster and faster, the nearer our meeting time was.

It was very snowy too. In the morning, when I went to school  I had to go another way because my normal way was full of snow and that`s  the reason why I almost missed my bus.

When I got home, I had to take my dog out. I hate that! My dog just runs everywhere and it`s very hard to get my dog back! Dog is black, little and furry. My dog  is pretty nice, although I hate go out with it.

Then I just went home, I ate and went to the Espoo center where I met the guy. And again I´m terrebly nervous. He was so handsome and cute! We went to my house and we had so much fun. We decided that we would see each other tomorrow as well. What a great day!

Love, Veera

snowy morning

Early spring morning

In one early warm spring morning when I woke up I saw something wonderful. It was like sing that I was waited whole long, cold and dark winter. It was first of May. So summer was finally started. In outside were 17 degrees warm and sun was shining. Finally all of the snow was melted. When I started eat breakfast I was happy until I remembered that I must do my history essay. All of my happy feelings were gone I was mad and frustratedted. All of my family members were gone and I thought that I would had had time to do that boring history essay later on evening. I almost spent half hour to think what to do then I decide to start play video games on my self. When turned on my gaming console in same time I went out of electricity. There were dark on my house and sun were stopped shining it was cold and dark in and out side of my house,. I was little afraid of the dark bit the when suddenly someone knocked on my door. My heart almost came of my throat. There was fatal silence almost minute then I finally realized to go and open the door. Behind the door was my good friend and I could catch my breath again. My friend asked that was I out of electricity too and I answered yes. Then my friend asked me to go and get some candles and matches. I found couple of those and just when I was ready to light up match it dropped on the floor and lighted up my curtains. Me and my friend panicked and we run out of my house. On outside of my house I noticed that my mobile phone were in  side of my house. My friend called emergency number and they said that don’t panic and help is on its way. My house was completely destroyed and in same second my family came home and they were mad. I was cheerful that my family had insurance. Some days I still remember those terrifying things that happened on that sad day. Now I think that karma paid me back cause I was lazy and didn’t do my history essay. I never did my history essay and my teacher was really mad and gave me bad number from history.

My average Tuesday!

Last Tuesday, my morning started with an “early” wake up, so I’d  have time to do homework that I had had not done the night before when I was too tired and I just wanted to go to bed. That ordinary day after, I woke up I made breakfast and went back to my bed to watching cartoons on TV and eat sandwiches and some cereals wich is my normal breakfast. After that I did my homework and just lay on my bed trying to cheer up for another school day at EYL. My school ELY is very ordinary high school from Espoo Kauklahti.

 Before I went out I checked that I had everything with me and took an umbrella. I was kind of happy that it was raining because I like to walk outside when it’s raining. As long as my shoes don’t get wet. The school day was pretty boring, as usual. But in my opinion, high school is more interesting than primary school, because you have to be more independent than in primary school.

 On my way back home from school the event turned out pretty exciting. I almost wasn’t able to go out from the train on that I was on, because it was so full of people that moving around was so hard that I could not barely breathe. After school, I was so exhausted that the rest of the day I spent eating and sleeping and resting. And loading batteries for another day in school.

school, smelly and practicing

This morning wasn’t one of my best. I had four alarms as usually. I really need all four. One of them is the real alarm, when it’s ringing you have to put the other side down and then it will stop ringing.

So this morning I woke up to the sound at 8.00 a.m. and I jumped out of bed and turned it off. Then I thought: finally quiet. I went back to bed and a couple of minutes later again something was ringing. I was so angry because I didn’t find it immediately, my phone. Finally I found it and silence fell in the whole house. I went to bed again and I fell asleep. And this incident happened four times. After the fourth time again – I fell asleep. Suddenly I woke up and I was terrified that  I had slept too long. Luckily I hadn’t. I had thirty minutes time to dress up. I chose my clothes quickly and I wasn’t satisfied with them. Well, it was my mistake that I hadn’t chosen them the night. After dressing up I did my make-up and I made some hot chocolate. I would  have wanted to make coffee but I didn’t have enough time.

my books

Then I went to school by two busses and by train. School started at 9.45 a.m. with physical lesson. I had only, only three lessons today. It’s quite little compared to day when I have five lessons. School day was ok, we had of course homework. After school I went home  by train and by bus. Train was full of students. In Espoon keskus I changed train to bus. I can still remember that smell that was in the bus. It was like sweat, smelly and well it was disgusting. Finally I was at home, it was almost four o’clock. I did my homework and I ate some dinner. In the evening I had ringette practice. After practicing I took a shower and then I went to bed really tired.

Typical Monday

Today was such a typical Monday, as typical as a Monday can be. In the morning, I didn’t wake up early enough. I had only 25 minutes, but luckily I wasn’t late for school. It rained the whole day, of course. I hate rain, it’s so depressing. I almost slept psychology class and it was only the first lesson of the day. It was so boring! But finally I got home.

Delicious bun!

My mom was sick, she had the flu and she had been home all day. So I didn’t have to cook because she was bored and had been cooking some food and baking cakes and cinnamon buns, it smelled delicious and it really was it too . Yum! I did my homework and then hurried to the train station. I had dance practice and that really saved my day. There I met my dear friends and we had a great session together. I love dancing because its funny and it’s totally my thing.

After practice I went home and I was tired. So, I watched Friends the whole evening and I ate yummy cakes again. Like a pig, as always 🙂

I think that today was a pretty typical Monday… Ok my mum is never sick, so that was a bit atypical.

Things can change quickly…

I was having an amazing dream, but then my alarm clock woke me up.  I knew I had to get up, because if I stay laying their a little bit longer I would fell asleep again.

As always I did take a nice warm shower and after that I brushed my teeth. When I was brushing my teeth I looked though the window and the sun was shining and it wasnt raining so I was hoping that it wouldn’t rain at all since I hate going by bus and train. After I had brushed my teeth I went to have a marvelous breakfast and i thought this day would be sunny and amazing. When I had eaten I went to get my schoolbag  and my moped keys. And of course when I stepped outside it started to rain a little bit and I thought that it would stop. So I decided to take my moped to school, but lucky me, about half way to school it started to rain extremely hard and I got all wet.

My pretty boring day

This is a hamster of my little sister

I woke to my mother’s woke-up call. I looked at a clock and it was 7.25am. I tiptoed to downstairs and I thought that what is this pleasant smell. Then I saw that my mother was making porridge. I went shower and dressed up. I went to upstairs and took some porridge. I said to my mother that “this is delicious with apple jam which you made on yesterday.” I brushed my teeth and went out. I went in a car and we drove to school. At the school I had some boring subjects but fortunately the school day was not long. After end of the school day I walked home. I thought that nothing is better than walking home after exhausting day. It really made me relaxed. At home I took some bread because I was little hungry and I had to eat something that I would have energy when I go jogging. I took my bread to living room and started to play Xbox 360. I played about 1 hour. After playing I put on the clothes that I used while jogging. I ran 8 km. Then I went shower and after that I went to lunch. It was about 8 o’clock when I went to watch some TV. I watched it about one and half hour and when my parents started to watch something that didn’t interest me I went to play guitar. I played a song  “yesterday” by Beatles and  also a little bit some thrash and death metal. I am not good at playing guitar but I will practise hard that I some day could be good guitarist. I brushed my teeth and said good night to my parents and went to sleep. So that kind of was my pretty boring day.

Rainy day turned sunny

“Beep beep beep!!” I heard a terrible sound in my dream. I wondered what it was and I finally realized that it was my alarm clock… It was Tuesday. When I looked out of window, I saw grey sky and it was raining. Unfortunately, I had to go to school.

I was too sleepy during the first lessons so I was like in a coma. At the beginning of the third lesson, I started to feel more alive and I realized that I have my job interview today!!! I started to panic and there was no end to that. My hands were sweating and I couldn’t just sit and listen to the teacher. Luckily, after that I had just one lesson and I went home to get myself ready. I had trouble with my clothes and I was thinking; “OMG, what should I wear?!?!?!” After two hours, I was finally ready to go. I was wearing a white blouse and a new pair of jeans. I wanted to look as professional as possible.

I felt confident when I walked into the store. “Hello, I’m Venla and I am here for a job interview,” I said with sophisticated accent. A nice young lady took out her calendar in front of us and she was ready to write the schedules down for me. She gave me five days to come and do some work. We had a little conversation and she asked; “Do you have eyelash extensions?” I was so happy because these are my real lashes!!! Then she had to continue to work and I left with a smile on my face.

I called my friend and I told her that I got the job (even though it’s not certain yet…). She was so proud of me and we already started planning a trip to Spain. My day was saved. It didn’t start well, but it turned out awesome!

A fresh start

I woke up and turned off the alarm and as usual went back under the blanket. A bit later, I realized that I had slept too long and rushed into the shower. After a refreshing warm shower, I went upstairs and there was still a light smell of tea floating in the air because my mum drinks tea every morning.

It took me a while to decide what to eat, white bread or dark bread, cheese or ham. I chose white bread with cheese and ham. While eating breakfast and reading today’s newspaper, I lost track of time and in a rush, I headed to the bus stop near our house. There were no cars in sight except our neighbor’s who drove past me as I walked around a puddle. The air was fresh because it had rained all night. The bus came on time and it was one of those new kinds of buses which have a plastic window in front of the driver. While sitting on the bus, I was looking at the fields flowing past me through a stained window. There were only three people riding the bus with me. An older lady sat in the front trying to have a conversation with the driver, a young girl going to school as well, I assumed, and a foreign man with a suit on and a suitcase by his side.

I stepped off the bus and looked back over the school yard. I was 20 minutes early so there was no one in sight. A few minutes later my friend arrived at the parking lot on his moped. While walking to school we talked about what we had done yesterday after school and what we were going to do today.

Once on a Rather Cold Morning…

The gentle, yet ruthless sound of the alarm clock… I had awoken from my profound slumber. I violently wrenched myself out of the bed.

It was Monday, September 5th,6:30 AM. I stumbled to the terrace perplexed and distorted, gasping for air, trying to focus. There was a stinging smell of spice in the morning wind, or perhaps it was pollution. I did not know, for I had lost my sense of smell due to my recent most unwelcome illness. An unforgiving infection.

I was outside. It was freezing cold. The trees and buildings in the horizon were covered in gray haze and the sun rising in the distance was slowly painting the landscape red. Its immense beauty made me feel small and insignificant. After I had had enough of the eerily disheartening, yet striking view, I begun to make my way downstairs. I was crying, my eyes red and covered in tears from the overwhelming sense of melancholy and beauty in the world.

I chowed down mouth-watering, most scrumptious baked beans that morning. That fateful morning. It was quite lonely and silent, but I did not mind, for I enjoyed it. I took a sip from my warm cup of tea, and raised my head to see the time from the cleverly placed clock on the wall. School would begin in 30 minutes. My heart was beating at the pace of the clock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. I closed my eyes, for just a tiny moment…

My eyes widened open in shock, my pupils dilated. 20 minutes had already passed, faster than I could have ever imagined, faster than in my wildest dreams. It was a race against the clock. I had to depart from the tenderness and warmth of my home yet again, or face the consequences I was not willing to face.

“I’m leaving”, I whispered to myself and my home in the silence, my eyes welling with tears. The door closed behind me. I took a deep, deep breath. “God DANGIT!” I cursed, throwing my hands up in the air and furiously shaking my fist at the heavens like a madman. It was going to be a lengthy and mind-numbing day… However, I had survived every day before this one. Then suddenly, I was ready to do it at the drop of a hat. Just like every day before.

“I’m leaving”, I said once more. Although this time, my heart was cast-iron.


Crazy, stupid, love

Had so much fun today! When I woke up the weather was extremely stormy – it was raining pitchforks and hammer handles out there! Because the weather was so terrible me and my friends decided to go and watch some movie. We make a date at two o’clock so I got only one hour to get ready… I got to hurry up!! I took a quick shower and dressed up in a real rush.

When we came into movie theather we were all soaked… Everybody else wanted to see some strange movie called “Crazy, Stupid, Love” so I consented to their proposition. But I wasn’t exited at all…

Believe me or not, “Crazy, Stupid, Love” bowled me a googy. It was magnificent! The movie was all about soulmates, finding a true love and how love is blind… a real love story. It was so jovial and funny! I would suggest it to anyone – I promise that it will make you smile.

Rainy day in mikkelä

I woke up at 7 o’clock and started to make breakfast. I was really tired because i had kept  the window of my room open the whole night and the noise from the rain kept waking me up several times during the night. Even better: it was still raining….  I was really angry because i hate rain and i had to drive to school in the horrible weather. I couldn’t even see 10 metres forward when i was driving! Anyway when i had eaten my breakfast i packed my things and changed my pyjamas. Then the “journey” to school begun. I cannot find the words to discribe how horrible it was. Also i had to drive really slowly because the slippery road. The trip to school felt like hours. It was raining still when i got out from school! The same trip to home in the horrible weather, wohoo! The rain stopped when i got home, just my luck! Because it wasn’t raining anymore i took my dog out and went for a walk. After that i went inside and did my homework. When i was done i went out with my friends: Jenni, Ragnar, Alec, Joel, Lassi and Tuomas. We had so much fun driving around Espoo with our mopeds. We went to Lidl, Abc, McDonald’s and to one park in Mikkelä near my home. We were in that park until 9 o’clock talking and telling jokes.

That’s a typical day in my teenage life.

Those lovely mondays

Today I woke up very tired. And because of being tired, I was very angry. Last weekend was a blast and since that I hadn´t been able to sleep well at all. So back to this morning. After waking up (very angry) I walked into the living room and I saw my little brother(he´s six years old). And because I was so pissed off I started yelling at him. I swear I don´t even know what for. Immediately  my brother started to cry and he ran to another room. Very nice. Afterwards I felt kind of ashamed. Later, when I came back from school ( for some reason it felt like the longest school day of my life) I went to football practise. Because the day had started so “brilliantly it continued same way. It was raining very hard and I played just awful. My passes were horrible and my shots at goal even worse. because I was so disgusted with myself, I started complaining to my team mates . As you can guess, they weren´t very pleased. So after practise, I came back home even angrier than I was in the morning. I went to bed early so next morning  I could wake up a little bit happier. Today I learned that sleeping enough is necessary. If you sleep well, yo can avoid many misfortunes.

I’m not crazy! I just wanna do an exchange :)

One year ago, when I told to my parents that I had joined in a Rotary’s group of studens to da an exchange they just looked at me and said: yeah, yeah, of course. They didn’t belive that I was really sure about it!! Now, too far away from home, they could realize that it was something that I really wanted to do, and nothing could stop me. Everybody told me: oh my God, you’re crazy!you’ll can’t do that!and bla, bla, bla.. hellooo! I’m not crazy, and I’m able to do that!

After a long time waiting for my exchange, I am finally here, in Finland , where everything is a surprise for me! It’s so different from my country. Of course I miss Argentina, but here I can find others things and I have to enjoy this opportunity. An Argentinean girl who has to get used to so different customs! but I’m sure that I can do it, this is the point 😉

It´s not easy, but I am sure that I can, I trust in myself and it’s important.

Live, enjoy and have fun! this is what I think 😀

My Average Life

Something weird happened today. AGAIN! Almost every time I walk down the stairs at my school, I fall down. Everyone is watching and it’s so embarrassing. At that moment, I always wish that I was six feet underground. But it’s ok. I usually don’t mind what people really think of me, as long as I like myself. That’s all that really matters.

I would say that my life is kind of. After school, I go home or see some of my friends, so normal teenage life. I spend a lot of time with my sisters too, even though we often fight and call each other names I mean sometimes we use very hard language) we still always fix it somehow and start to get along again.

And I think that some weeks in a month don’t always have to be so special and fun. Life is boring sometimes and well, that’s part of life.

my favorite place in the whole world Nice, France.

My normal friday

Last Friday when I left from school I went to Niipperi school where I work. I’m give dance lessons to girls who are seven to ten years old.

I jumped on the train to Leppävaara. And my mom picked me up and we went to Niipperi school together.

Girls were waiting me very keenly. The were shouting my name and how much they love me. They are really cute girls.

First I took one group. And I taught them new choreographies. Two girls were really annoying, they didn’t listen to me at all. But all in all it went very well. Then I took the next group in. We did the same choreographies. Those girls were really eager. The day was successful and after the dance lessons I went home to relax. I enjoyed the day very much.

Concert day

I had a really great Saturday night. At nine o`clock my friend and I went to buy tickets. Then we went to see Jukka Poika`s live concert.

We had to wait a longtime. After 30-minutes someone came on stage and said that the artist is Jukka Poika. Then we all screamed. The concert was wonderful and the artist took his audience really well. Jukka Poika played a few of my favorite songs like “Mielihyvää”, “Kylmästä lämpimään” and “Hidas”.Jukka Poika looks really chill’ and he’s style is really free, he doesn’t follow any fashion, he creates his own fashion. Melody and beat of Jukka are really relaxed and calm, when you just listen the beat you can really feel the chilling atmosphere. I can`t believe that I finally saw him live.

And after that we went outside of the area. We were all surprised at how dark it was. Because we had been in a tent that was full of light. We hung around there with our good friends for about 40-minutes. I was very very hungry , but I was lucky because there was a grill around the corner. When I had finished eating, I was really tired. My lovely friend was also ready to go home. And he took me home on his moped. I was tired that I went straight to bed. What a blast my day was.

This is Jukka poika

What a wonderful start for a day :D

You know what, today I woke up by my cell phones alarming abilities, whole clock system in my phone is just great, it syncs up with the interwebs and has alarm clock and a timer and is such a great tool if you have waking  up troubles.

When I was awake I had to go to shower, It was such an unbelievable experience but I had to do it, otherwise I would smell like shit or something like that. After my shower adventure I went deep in to bears cave and took loads of bread, butter and milk. Then I formulated the most beautiful and delicious sandwich ever made. It tasted like if Jesus would make a baby with Jessica Alba, and their baby would make a baby with Gordon Ramsey. And he (or She?) would make that sandwich.

When I was enjoying my god given food, I took a peek to my watch and I was horrified at how delayed I was, I had to run, I was cursing those who didn’t offer us more train schedules.

At the train I was satisfied how fast I ran. I started listening music

At the train there was a missunderstanding with the tickets, but I survived and moved on with my journey to the high school.


Strange coincidences

Guess what ? I had a great time today, because it’s Eid. Eid is an islamic holiday. It’s kinda like x-mas for christians except it’s twice a year. Anyway, I had planned everything I was going to do, but things didn’t go according to plan. So here’s what happened.

 I was hanging out with my friends in sello for a awhile while waiting for some other guys. After everybody showed up we headed to Helsinki to buy movie tickets. After buying the tickets we had to wait about 3 hours before the movie started. I was thinking to myself that there’s a lot we could do in 3 hours. So  I went to Espoo to help my friend out delivering a few items  so he could come to the movies too, but i didn’t know if 3 hours  was enough time.

 After the  delivery was done we didn’t have enough time to make it to the movies so we just went to eat and hung out with some friends instead. when the movie ended we met with the guys who went to see the film in Helsinki. while they were telling us that the movie was great i found about 80 euros on the ground. I went to see another movie, bought something for my friend and kept the rest. By the time I arrived home i saw that someone stole all my money except 20 euros. Now that I think of the day it wasn’t so great, but on the other hand I met some of my friends that i hadn’t seen in ages. I had 2 days off school and i won’t forget this day, trust me!

Friends goodbye weekend

Everything that is worth mentioning, starts about after 1.30pm. Because that’s when my school ends on Fridays. When I came home I took my money and went to sale. I bought some beer. Friday 26th is called Kirkkonummi-päivät. So there are lots of young people drinking and partying outside. Of course it’s not only drinking and getting wasted, there are all kinds of sport type games that young people can play.

 The most popular was the Salibandy tournament. There where basketball and football tournaments too. There were lots of different artist playing music while games and over the happening. Everything went good this year. Because last year there were lots of fights and some stabbings.

On Saturday, 27th my friend had rented a club from Helsinki. We were celebrating for the last time with him in this year. He is leaving to Canada as an exchange student. It was really awesome, the place had a swimming pool and two different saunas. After the rent time ended, we went to a nightclub in Helsinki. After the last call we took a taxi to Kirkkonummi and it cost over 70 euros. Everyone went home and it was a successful and luxurious night.

A staged picture

My exhausting day

August 25th, 2011

Today I woke up early. Too early for me! I had football practise in the morning until 9:15. Oh and at the time it was raining a lot. I went home to shower and then to school. I was little bit late.

The day felt really long. We had math, psychology, English and study guidance. School finished at four. Then I went home and I was tired.”I just want to go sleep”, I taught. But no, because in the evening, I had another football practise. The evening’s football practise went better than the morning football practise. Something positive!

I came home at eight o’clock. I was more tired than the day. I did my homework and then I went for a jog with my dog.  I wanted to run a while because I taught otherwise I would not got up of bed the next morning. When I came home for the jog I was so tired. I just wanted to go sleep. I watched TV and ate. Then I went to bed and I fell asleep almost immediately like always. It was a tough day, but you get used to it.

My birthday cake 🙂

Football, rain and amour

I tried to get up from my bed after my alarm woken me up at seven a clock. It was raining like hell. For a long time I thought about whether I’ve would go to school on my moped or would I ask my mom to throw me to school. I decided to go on my moped. 

First I had football morning-training at Keski-Espoo football field. When I finally got there I was like a wet dog. I practiced 1,5 hours at the cloudburst. After that I enjoyed the indoor classes at school very much. It was kinda boring day at school. Nothing special happened whole day. I prayed all-day that it wouldn’t  rain when I go home. Finally 30 minutes before my last lesson was over the sun popped up to the sky.

After school I went to home to take my dog for a walk and ate a hot dog. Then I drove to my sweet girls house. We cooked salmon pasta. It was as good as it would be at restaurant. We enjoyed our time together and watched tv for a few hours. It was a normal but good day at my teenager life.


My day

 It was nice day. My school day was short and then I went to my friend for the weekend. I almost missed the rain and free seats was just a business class car. I had sam hours later arrive. My friend came to get me a tractor. It was very nice to travel in a tractor.. As soon as we could so we went to the city. We went to eat and shopping. We also visited the port, because there was an event, and rides. In the evening we were with friends.

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A day with me

As I woke up this morning, I noticed it was raining very hard. My mother gave me a ride to school because I couldn’t  ride my moped in the pouring rain. At PE we played basketball which was fun. I think I’m pretty good at basketball. During my schoolday I recieved an sms from my mother who was just getting on a plane.  She is going to fly Prague to celebrate her birthday. On the way home from school, I realized that I had left my travelcard at home and I had to travel without it. When I got off the train I saw two inspectors stepping in. I was lucky this time. In the evening, I was hungry for sweets and started to bake cupcakes. I guess I forgot some important ingredient because they tasted really bad.

My fun day!

My day

I woke up and ate breakfast. I didn’t have much time so I just grabbed my stuff and walked to the train station. On the train  I talked to my friend about my life. I went to school. I had some difficult subjects but that’s the way high school is I guess. The way was actually guite fun. My friends birthday was today and we had some laughs during the day. I love my friends.

I had dance practise today and it was great fun! When I came home I was so tired I took a nap. I ate some food and then I watched some lame tv shows for a few hours. I did my homework. My friends and my I went to the shopping centre just a few trains stops away from my flat. We went for coffee in a nice café in sello. We also went from shop to shop just looking at what they had, we didn’t do anything special there so I went home.

I wasn’t able to go to bed just yet, I saw  a bookpile laying on the table. I could barely concentrate because it was so late.
When I finally finished my homework, I washed my make-up off and went to bed.
I was tempted by my favorite book on my table and so I had to read a few pages I love that book! When I finally fell asleep it was 3 am so I have less than 3 hours to sleep. And tomorrow is another school day!

My nightmare

My morning was as usual, I packed my bag and I ate my breakfast. After that I walked to the school and on the way I saw zombies. They were eating my best friend. I took a stick off the ground and I beat the zombies. I got my friend out of there and we ran away. The zombies ran after us and they tried to eat us. We saw our school and we ran over there to try to get some help. So we got to the school and everybody was a zombie. My teacher was a zombie too, so my best friend and i ran for the kitchen and we hid over there. We sayed in there for a couple of minutes and my friend went out to check the situation. Suddenly I heard my friend scream and I ran out and a kitchen chef took a knife and hit my head of. I woke up and I checked my head. It was on the spot and I figured out that it had been just a dream. I was very scared when I went to school. On the way I just scared that some zombies attack. I saw my best friend and I was so happy that he is fine. It took couple day to recover.

Rainy day

Today I woke up at 7:30am and looked through the window it was raining heavily. There was a smell of freshly cooked eggs coming from the kitchen. I ate cooked eggs with bread roll filled with ham and cheese. After breakfast I went to warm shower. I had to hurry up to get to school because I was already late. My sister gave me a ride to railroad station. When we were at the station we saw that the train was already leaving so my sister had to drive me all the way to school. First lesson of the day was Pe which was basketball. Basketball wasn’t fun and i hated it. After that i went to next lesson and it was psychology. We had lunch break in the middle of class and we went to market with my friends. It wasn’t a good idea because it rained so heavily that we were all wet. School-day ended at 14:30 and I walked to railway station and went home. When I got to home it stopped raining. I watched television and played PlayStation 3.

Leevi M.

Day when i got my moped

Day when I got my moped.

It was Saturday and I woke up very early in the morning, because my father asked me to come upstairs. He said that he had found to me a moped on the Internet, and I watched what it was. I said that it is appropriate for me. Then my dad called and said the owner of the moped that we will come to look at a moped. Then we went to the owner of a moped. The journey took three hours. When we arrived to mopeds owner,we looked moped and took it. Then we arrived home with my moped and we repaired it. Then we put it our warehouse and I went eat and went to my friend.

Fantastic Sunday morning

I am definitely in LOVE with sleeping, but what comes afterwards is the biggest nightmare of all: waking up.
 We were having a sleepover in my place with my friends Sonja and Saara. Saara lives quite near to me, but Sonja lives in Joroinen and I actually don’t even know where it is… Somewhere in East-Finland I guess? Anyway she came to spend the weekend with us and during that morning she was feeling like showering. She had never been in my house before so obviously she didn’t know where we kept our towels and stuff and when I was still having some lovely dream about ponies and butterflies she started shaking me awake. That was real fun. Luckily I do have a good self-control, because otherwise I would have just punched her in the face (and she promised to make some coffee). So I got up to get her the towel and noticed that I had a terrible headache.. wonder why. But we thank the Lord for coffee since there’s nothing in the whole word that it couldn’t heal.
We had a quite pleasant morning in the end. We ate a really nice Sunday breakfast wich included the coffee, cocoa, toasters and weetabix (wich is kind of like cereals). Just yummy! I always like to make my food to look as delicious as it can so it took me almost half an hour to make my dish ready. When it was finally ready I just had to admire it for a moment because it looked too beautiful to be eaten. We also had very interesting conversations about some disturbing things and I would like to have my brains cleared out of those things. But altogether our weekend was one of the greatest weekends ever!

September 4th, 2011

Tinos tea party

You can not belive what happened to me. One morning, I decided to make some  tea. The tea that I like is not like regular tea it doesn’t look like crushed leaves actually it is orange powder bought from Turkey and because it was bought from an outdoors market place it didn’t come in a container so we keep it in identical containers with all the other spices. So i took the only orange powder from the cabinet and mixed it with water. Luckily I noticed that something was wrong before i drank it. Appareatly I had put some Indian spices into my tea. Later, when I asked my mom where the tea was I found out that my sister had dropped the container.           She ruined my favorite tea. What a bitch!

Worst date ever !

 I woke up at 7.00 am I ate for breakfast cereals and  I drank coffee.  But all I could thing about was that my friend Leila set me on a blind date. I went to school and I couldn’t  focus  because I was so nervous  about the blind date.  Finally my school day was over and I went home at 4.30. I changed my clothes then Leila called me and said thatI have to be in front Iguana at 8.00 0´clock, so i went to Iguana by bus. The guy was there waiting in front of Iguana . The first thing that came to my mind was  ” are you kidding me”.
We sat and ordered food, then we started talking. He talked and talked plus he wasnt handsome. When I tried to tell him something about me he interrupted me and started talking about himself. I was so board and I just wanted to call Leila and yell at her. It was worst date ever !


Rainy day.

You can’t imagine how tired I am. It rained all day and I didn’t have any time to rest and get my batteries recharged. My day started with football practise. It was like, playing football in a pool. Toni looked like a wet dog. That wasnt so bad, but I had to take all my wet training clothes with me to school after practise. After school, I had just got home when I had to leave and go to a football match. I was like a bear woken from the hibernates. It sucked because i was so tired. The only good thing was that I slept in the car while we were going to Porvoo (our game was in Porvoo) . I dreamed of the match and I scored a goal. NOT really. We did won the match but I didn’t like the way we played. The game was against FC Futura. Their couch weren’t so happy about the lost game. After the game we drove home and I started writing this tired story about my rainy day.


Rain in the window

missing the summer

This morning I woke up and started to get ready for school as usual. When I was ready and out of the house, I realized it was pouring rain. While I was sitting on the bus stop waiting for my bus to arrive, I found myself thinking about the previous summer. The summer had gone by so fast. It was already autumn! I hadn’t even stopped to think where the sun and warmth had gone. I felt the wind getting colder. It started to rain harder. The raindrops absorbed into my clothes.Icould feel the wetness on my skin. It was freezing. Why didn’t I take an umbrella? I thought to myself. Then my bus arrived.

  I was sitting in a window seat at the back of the bus. I looked out of the window. I paid attention to the trees going by. The leaves were already turning brownish. I was shaking because of the wet clothes. Winter will soon be here.

Comfort & Luxury

Oh my God! Guess what happened to me this morning? Same as always. I woke up at 8 in a morning. Brushing my teeth is the first thing i do in the morning. When i’ve brushed my teeth, I usually take a shower and then eat my breakfast. When I’m finished with my morning routines I need to get to school on my motorbike. After school, I normally do my homework or chill out with my friends. We usually watch some kind of movies in the evening. It’s usually some kind of horror film, cuz’ those films are great. If we don’t watch a films, we typically just chill outside. When i finally get back home at something like 10 o’clock, I usually eat an evening meal and chat with a friends on my laptop. Then I go to bed. That’s my normal day.

Football game at Pori

Yesterday I had to go out of the school sooner because our bus was leaving at 15pm. We were travelling about 3 hours to Pori and when we were there it was raining so hardly I can imagine!! It was one of the pointless games of my life-.- The referee was unjust and we lost game 2-0. Anyway we travelled about 7 hours for nothing! I’m exhausted and angry. I was at my home like 01.00 at the night and next morning I should go to football-trainings at school but i passed it. Now im in school and the good thing is that lesson ends in 30 minutes. I’ll go to my friend and try to relax and forgot this awful day 🙂

I love my moped!

Today was a normal day. I was wirh my friends: Joel, Alec, Joona and Naka and we were in some park in Mikkelä. We talked about our school days, our friends and our mopeds. Sometimes we talked about our personal affairs. I love my friends so much because I can trust my friends. I know they don’t tell my secrets to anyone. We love to drive our mopeds around and every day we drive around Espoo. Today we drove to Lommila’s Mc Donald’s and we ate there. It’s so normal for us. We love the food at Mc Donald’s. Anyway, we talked a lot about my moped because it’s faster than my friends’ mopeds. We have always said it’s “the rocket” and I love that name. My friends, Joel and Alec drove it today. They drive it every day, but it’s okay. If they like it, they can drive it. I’m so proud of my moped. I would drive my moped all day but I can’t because I have to go home at nine o’clock if it’s a school night. I hate that because I always have so much fun with my friends and we have to stop having fun. But that’s life!

This is my moped:

Funny blind date

When I woke up this morning it took me half an hour to decide what I was going to wear. I just put my blue jeans and my yellow hoodie. I almost missed my bus because my makeup took a lot of time.  So it was a typical morning of mine. When I went to the bus I called my friend and convinced him to go to a blind date with Jomsa. First he didn’t want to go but then I just said that I’m not gonna talk to him       anymore and that it would be so much fun to tease Jomsa and to do a little prank for her. I did it, I arranged a blind date for him with my friend Jomsa friend Jomsa.

my make up's

my daily routin

So when I went to school I told Jomsa that I had arranged a blind date for her with my friend then she said ” I am not going” and I said that i put so much time and effort to do this to you and you are not going. I didn’t talk to her for an hour and I pretended to be mad at her, but when she came to me looking mad I was like OMG now she knows that I am pretending to be mad but actually am not but she said ”fine I’ll go but you owe me one”. then I said that I don’t owe you anything because when she arranged a blind date for me, I went and it was a disaster even worst than the ones in disaster date. So this was revenge and no, Jomsa didn’t  know that it was a revenge.

After school I went to Sello with my friends and I told them that I had set Jomsa in to a blind date with my friend. They knew the guy when they heard his name they started to laugh and their face was so funny. After that we went to eat with my friends to this chinese restaurant and  then my friend called and said that he is going to meet Jomsa in front of Iguana at eight o’clock because he had heard that Iguana is the best place for dates and that his friends recommended that one. So I called Jomsa and said that she had to go to Iguana at eight o’clock then Jomsa said that; ” why do I have to meet him in Iguana” and ”why can’t we go to McDonald’s” ? Then I said that ”I don’t know he just said that he is going to meet you there” and then she said ”OK”. She was so nervous.

But there was a catch. The guy, my friend who I set on a blind date with Jomsa, is actually gay. Later that night around ten o’clock I met Jomsa and she was furious you should have seen the look of her face it was all worth it. After she had calm(ed) down we laughed at her date so much. It was one of the best days of my life.

PS.My life isn’t actually exciting, but this was an exception.

September, 3rd, (2011),

Day with my lovely friends

breakfast ❤

In the morning I woke up and I was very tired, as usual. When I went downstairs, I had a nice surprise. My lovely mom had made me some breakfast: porridge, bread and coffee… What a good start for a day!
Then I left for school. When I had walked for a while I noticed that I had left my phone at home, and I just can’t live without it! So I went back home, and as usual, I had to run to the bus stop. Still, I was at school in time.
The first lesson was psychology, which I think is pretty interesting. We also had English, and we had a spelling bee, and it actually went well. Later we had Finnish and maths. Oh, and I also got a key for my new locker, so I don’t have to carry my things with me all the time anymore.
After school, I went to see my friend Annu with Bella. At first we spoke about some tragic and sad stuff (sorry, I can’t tell you what), but in the end we were having fun and laughing like crazy, as ALWAYS. I love my friends, because every time they cheer me up if I’m feeling down. Thank God for them.
After that I went to give my other friend her DVD back. I hadn’t seen her for a long time, and we talked about our new schools and friends and stuff. We noticed that we hadn’t even seen or talked to our best friends for a while. I realized that I must keep in touch with them a lot more, so when I walked home, I started to make calls and asked my old friends how they were doing. Gosh, how I missed them! At home I watched TV and the best part of the day, I went to sleep.

September 2, 2011                                                                                                                                                                                                     Saara

Getting into a new world: Finnish school

my schoolbooks

Today it was my first day at Finnish school. I was very nervous this morning for I did not know what to expect. I ate my murot (Finnish for cereals) and we (my host mother, host sister and me) went to school.

Normally I go by train, but today my host mother brought me by car. We had to wait for a long time before we could meet the principal of Espoon Yhteilyseon upper secondary school, the school where I will spend my time this year. She told me there are 2 other exchange students in the school who had arrived already 2 weeks ago (1 from Argentina, the other from Germany). She gave me the same schedule as they have. Though, I actually wanted to choose my subjects myself, too bad.

My host mother left and the principal led me to my first lesson of the day, English. I felt a little confused for I had the feeling the principal didn’t had that much time for me. I met the 2 other exchange students Sophie and Agustina, and I was glad that I wouldn’t be alone on my first school day. They showed me around the school and led me to the right classrooms. The Finnish students didn’t look that interested in me, I don’t know why, but they seem really shy. I think they are afraid of speaking English with me. I hope that will change, because I really love to make some Finnish friends too.

The rest of the day passed. Every lesson I had to introduce myself to the teacher, which I really didn’t like, because all other students started staring at me while I went to the front of the class to talk with the teacher. Luckily, we don’t have that much different classes (not as  much as in Belgium) and I didn’t had to introduce myself that often.

In Finnish school, you get free hot meals at lunchtime. So after 2 lessons of English and 1 of German we got some food. The food was surprisingly good. If it will be that good as today, eating at school won’t be that bad. Though there is really not enough space for all students to eat. If you’re not fast enough, you have to wait for a very long time before there is a chair you can sit on.

After lunchtime we had music class. I thought music would be fun because I love music. It was not. It was kind a boring for I couldn’t understand a thing of what the teacher was saying. It’s all Finish of course. I do also have a Finnish course, I hope I will learn a bit of Finnish in that class because it’s really frustrating being here without knowing the language.

Tomorrow, we will also have sports. I really love sports so I think that will be great. I hope I will meet some nice girls in that class. Though, 3 lessons a week is a lot, I hope I can keep up with it.

After a long first school day, my host mother came to pick me up. We first went to the library to get me a library card, so I can get myself some English books. Because I reaaly need something to do in free lessons and in the evenings.

By the time I came home I was really tired, though I enjoyed my very first school day in Finland.

Tuesday and driving test.

Today I woke up and I tought, It’s Saturday. Then I figured out that I don’t use an alarm clock on Saturdays, so it must be a school day. It was Tuesday, and i had my light motorcycle driving license test. School started 9.45 and i left at eleven because the next class would have ended too late. Well, I came home and looked out of the window and saw that it was raining hard, so hard that it would be almost impossible to take a driving test without killing myself. I called the driving school and asked if i could change  the time because of the rain. They said that it’s too late to change the time. I drove to the place  where I was supposed to start my test. When I got there I was soaking wet, and I was thinking in my mind that I’ll never pass the test. We drove about 500 meters ( I was driving on the motorcycle and the instructor followed me by car) and the rain stopped just on time. I passed the test and I was so relieved when I drove home.

It's raining.